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Sep 30th

Site changes launched for schools

Changes to the Webster Parish School's website, made earlier this month, may make it easier for faculty and parents to use.

David Griffith, who was hired earlier this year as the Technology Coordinator for Webster Schools, replaced now retired Patsy Whitlow. He said he hopes the site's new format is a positive change.

"Moving forward we hope to place content on our new site that was never included or kept current on the old one," Griffith said. "Through a group effort, we hope to provide an up-to-date, user-friendly and functional site."

Praeses, the company that provided the software for Webster Parish Schools web portal, discontinued support for their product effective June 30, which prompted the change.

"The common thought about our old site was that it was outdated and not very user friendly," Griffith said. "Edline was chosen to try and address these concerns and create a web presence that will be helpful for parents, students, staff and the community."

The use of Edline allows permissions to be assigned to various people, who can help update different sections of the site.

"Each department will now be able to manage and update their own pages," Griffith said. "Each school has super users that will be able to maintain and update their own school's page. We hope that by working together we will be able to provide for an overall better experience for everyone that visits the Webster Parish Schools website."

Parents have access to their student's information through the site and may find it helpful.

"A parent account that is setup will allow them to login and view the same classes that their children can," Griffith said. "The parents are able to keep up with information such as news and calendar events that teachers are placing on the websites for their children."

Also available on the site are links to "Find My Bus" and the "Parent Communication Center," which parents can use to view their child's transcript, monitor their grades, discipline and attendance.

"We upload data from our Student Information System (SIS) to EdLine daily," Griffith said. "Through this upload, Edline creates web pages that the teachers can manage for the students that they teach. The students have accounts and are linked to these pages by the SIS upload. This allows the students to be able to view content that the teachers publish."






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