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Sep 30th

Nothing to do in Minden?

Think there's nothing to do in Minden?

An opportunity to share ideas and input is just around the corner.

Webster Youth Action Network (WYAN), a new youth community organization, will hold their first meeting during a 'Community Event Planning Workshop' at the Vault, 619 Main Street, Saturday, November 24 at noon.

"WYAN is a smart group of kids and young adults from ages 10 to 18 that have a chance to tell grown-ups what kinds of group activities they want to get involved with in their spare time outside of school," said Jared Goeckeritz, president of Webster Partners in Prevention, another community organization. "WPIP is backing the network (WYAN) by sponsoring fun, safe, positive activities and events based on their input."

The workshop will be held weekly, for approximately three months and will give participants direct involvement with the planning of WPIP's next big event.

"WYAN members will be able to explore every exciting aspect of the process, from inception to execution," Goeckeritz said. "In addition, participants will have an opportunity to plan their own WPIP sponsored event. They can work on designing a new logo and have open discussion about what kinds of activities they want to be involved with in the future."

Goeckeritz said he has high hopes for what WYAN and WPIP will do for the community and is starting to see support of the organizations from the community.

"After a great success with our first community event, The Main Event which took place during Main to Main, I can't express enough appreciation for all the support from our volunteers, performers and spectators," Goeckeritz said "We have gained a tremendous amount of support since then. It is overwhelming."

Goeckeritz said WPIP has many things planned for their organization and their impact on the community.

WPIP is already gaining business sponsorships and hopes to be able to culminate their plans with a large event in early spring of 2013.

"Though these are exciting things to me, I would have to say that our most significant development is the launching of the Webster Youth Action Network (WYAN) and our first workshop," he said. "We have been trying to put enough public feedback together as possible in order to make some community activities available."

Forms to participate in the workshop can be obtained at The Vault or Shake Those Pounds on Main Street. More information on the workshop, WPIP and WYAN and be found on Facebook by searching for "Webster Partners in Prevention" or Webster Youth Action Network."






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