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Sep 30th

Biker peddles the Fasching cycle event

As part of the upcoming Fasching Festival, local cyclist Shane Waites is working to bring more of the cycling sport to the Minden area.

"We wanted to use it as an opportunity for area cyclists," he said. "There's a huge cycling community that people just don't know about.

"What we want to do is introduce them to the rolling hills of Minden and Kisatchie," Waites continued. "There's a lot of elevation here people just aren't aware of. Cyclists really look for that. We're hoping to get people from Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi and all over Louisiana."

The Tour of Germantown on Saturday, November 10 is what he hopes will be the draw.

"We're going to start in front of the civic center," Waites said. "There are different rides for different abilities."

The first option is a seven-mile ride to the Germantown Colony, with a truck ride for cyclist and bicycle back to the civic center provided.

The second option is a 14-mile ride, where the cyclist pedals themselves back to the civic center.

The final option is a 100 km (62 mile) ride which extends in a large loop north of Minden.

"We're going to have fully stocked rest stops probably every 15 to 20 miles for the 100K," Waites said. "With fruit of some sort and Don Hunter of Coca-Cola Bottling Company is donating the water and Powerade."

"We are also going to offer a 40 mile cut-off," he continued. "If somebody gets out here and realizes there's too much elevation, too many hills, you can do 40 instead of 60."

Registration begins at 7 a.m. at the civic center in Minden. Riding begins at 8:30 a.m.

"It is very important to be on time," Waites said. "We will be giving specific instructions on the routes. What signs to follow so that you don't turn in the wrong direction."

He hopes the Tour of Germantown will be successful this year, so it can continue in the future.

"This first event is going to be crucial," he said. "How it plays out will determine if we have it in the following years."

The Tour of Germantown is not the only upcoming event according to Waites.

"January the fourth there's going to be a six-hour mountain bike race at Caney Lakes in Kisatchie," he said. "It's normally held at Lake Bistineau and we've just fought to have it here.

"It's normally about 75 to 100 individuals or teams," Waites continued. "They stay here, shop here and they have to pay to get into the park. That goes to help the restoration of the park."

In May 2013, Caney will also be the site of the Louisiana Cross-Country Race.

"This is going to be a sanctioned event," Waites said. "It's going to be part of the Louisiana Cross-Country Mountain Bike Series."

With some events called tours and others races, there is a difference according to him.

"A race is a sanctioned event," he said. "It will be timed for places in categories – age categories, divisions of expertise."

A tour, according to Waites, is not an officially sanctioned event; however, Waites said times will be kept.

"We'll be offering first, second and third awards," he said. "When you get bikers together and you call it a tour somebody's going to race."

For more information visit the Tour of Germantown page on Facebook. To sign up visit bikereg.com or steelsports.com and search for Tour of Germantown.






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