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Oct 02nd

Feel the music

During Main to Main on Saturday, November 3, all day music entertainment, called "The Main Event," will be provided in Minden's downtown.

Webster Partners In Prevention is sponsoring The Main Event, and hopes to help promote a fun environment during the shopping that will take place during Main to Main.

"We wanted to sponsor this in an effort to not only create a family-friendly event for the community, but to raise awareness of our efforts to promote positive community actions and prevent substance abuse and violence," said Jared Goeckeritz , founder of WPIP and primary organizer of The Main Event. "Our organization is new and small, but a constant work in progress. If we can gain some financial support for programs in the future as a result of this event, it will be a great thing, but awareness is the primary goal. Hopefully, this will be the first of many events to come."

Goeckeritz said The Main Event has a kid-friendly line up and offers a variety of music from local musicians including, Aubrie Layne Stahl, from Minden, acoustic/alternative; Mollie Corbett, from Shreveport, country/ gospel/rock; Kelly Copeland, from Minden, country/pop/ rock; Ashton Hanson (Out The Box), from Shreveport, pop/electronic; Ascending, from Minden, progressive rock; Syn-Apps, from Minden, southern rock; Hair Nation, from Ruston, 80's tribute rock and Elvis impersonator Jeff Smith (Jelvis), from Stonewall.

"Although all these performers are worthy of a paid performance, they have all offered to donate their time to perform at this event in support of positive community efforts without pay," Goeckeritz said. "I believe they all deserve recognition for this."

WPIP is comprised of individuals with various upbringings, cultural history, religious beliefs and political views. An established set of common values and beliefs form a solid foundation on which the group relys on when making decisions and conducting activities in their personal lives and the activities WPIP is involved in. WPIP has vowed to continually strive to improve themselves by recognizing their errors, making corrections as they are able to, and learning how to avoid repeating mistakes.

More information about the event or WPIP can be found by visiting facebook.com/websterpip or their website, www.wpip.org.






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