Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Reunited and it feels so good

By the time Wednesday's edition of the Minden Press-Herald was hot off the press, Dr. Alan Cameron was reunited with his four-legged friend, Jill.

Up until that point, the five-year-old lemon and white Pointer had been missing from Cameron's Scotland Farms for approximately two weeks.

"The reason we couldn't find her (Jill), is because she came up to a lady's house on 531 – at least two miles from our place – and they took her inside and made a house dog of her," Cameron said. "As I understand, Jill even got away from them at one time, and they got her and put her back in the house."

Cameron said Jill disappeared one evening 50 yards away from her pen, according to a story in Wednesday's publication.

"She pointed something down below my pond, and I thought she was just fooling with a varmint or something.

"I said 'come on out of there' and turned around, and when I came back later she was totally disappeared," Cameron continued. "She has been out there five years, and she has never failed to come back when I've called her."

On Monday, Cameron said he knew the Pointer was scheduled to go into heat soon.

"All the vets had a picture of her, and the people who found her carried her down to Dr. Buffington's to get her spade," Cameron said. "Dr. Buffington called me and wanted to know if I wanted to come down and see if it was my dog."

Cameron said when he walked through the door at Buffington's veterinary clinic, Jill responded to him immediately.

"When I walked in, she (Jill) came to me and jumped all over me," he said. "She was real excited and I just told her 'whoa!' and of course, she froze. She did not move. That's how she's been trained."

Cameron's initial fear was that Jill had been attacked by coyotes that had been known to hang around the area. He was relieved to know she had been in good hands.

"Jill didn't have her tags on anymore, but these people who had her didn't take her," he said. "Somebody else probably picked her up and she somehow got away from them and wandered up to this house.

"The lady didn't want to give her up," Cameron continued. They'd fallen in love with her because she's such a sweet dog. She's been professionally trained to hunt birds plus all the training we've done with her."

Cameron was offering a reward for Jill's return or information leading to it.

"I gave part of the reward to Dr. Buffington's help," he said. "Then I will try and get in touch with these people who had her. I want to give this lady something for taking such good care of her."






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