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Oct 02nd

Wanted in the Valley

C.V. officials try to collect fines

People with outstanding traffic and civil fines in Cotton Valley can expect to receive a phone call or even see their name in the paper. Cotton Valley officials are attempting to collect tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid fines in hopes of helping with town revenue.

"When we write a citation, we get a person's address and we get their telephone number," Police Chief Terry Brown said. "I've put Lt. Richard Downs on calling the people with good telephone numbers. But some of the numbers aren't good anymore."

Brown said a warrant list ad was run in Minden Press-Herald on Friday, September 21 in hopes delinquent payers or their friends and relatives would see the names and call in.

"We're going back to 2010 up to the present," he said. "Some people have just plain forgotten they owe a fine."

Cotton Valley officials want to be able to recover the funds without having to take more serious actions against those who haven't paid. Suspended driver's licenses or even bench warrants for arrest could await those who ignore their fine, according to Brown.

"We'll be working with other agencies – the sheriff's department and other municipalities," he said. "We'll also turn names into the DMV and they won't be able to renew their license until they pay. That could take a while. It could be as long as four years before they go in to renew."

While most people are from the region, according to Brown, people from out of state could be affected as well.

"I got a call from one woman in California," he said. "She said they wouldn't let her renew her license because there was a warrant in the system from Cotton Valley."

Brown said people would have approximately three weeks to respond and pay their fine or make payment arrangements. After that time, people who still haven't paid should expect more serious legal action.

"Really, we're doing them a favor by running the ad," he said.

To pay a fine, make payment arrangements or get more information, contact Cotton Valley Town Hall at 832-4283.

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