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Oct 02nd

Reynolds sees pros and cons in Act 386

Representative Gene Reynolds can see pros and cons voters may see when deciding how to vote on Act 386, and looks forward to allowing local people make their own decisions.

"I'm not in favor of putting more regulations of people. I am in favor on people making up their own minds," he said. "I think the folks can make a decision on what they want to do. If you have a school board member in there that's really doing a good job then you may not want them to be term limited. You may want to keep them.

"But then again, on the other hand, if you have one that's not doing a good job, then you may be glad they get out," he continued. "The other school of thought is that if you have board members term limited and going out, then you have a whole batch of fresh new ideas. So, I personally felt like this was something the local people should decide."

Reynolds said the bill first came up in the House of Representatives.

"It suggested term limits for school board members just like legislators or the governor," he said. "It was brought up and it was passed overwhelmingly, but it was felt that the people should have a chance to vote on it, too"

When Act 386 was first proposed, Reynolds did not support the wording.

"I did not like that first draft was another piece of legislation telling local people how to think and what to do," he said. "So when the option for a constitutional amendment was added, where local people could decide if they wanted it in their local district, I voted for the bill. Every chance that I can, I like to make sure local people are given the choice, rather than letting Baton Rouge say 'Let's just have a law and it be this way.'"

According to Act 386, if the proposition passes in a district (a vote of yes or in favor), school board members will be limited to three terms. If passed, Webster Parish board members who have served more than two and a half terms will not be eligible to run for office in the 2013 election. This would limit the number of years a board member can serve up to 12 years.

These board members are: Frankie Mitchell, Johnnye Kennon, Malachi Ridgel and Linda Kinsey.

According to data provided by the Webster Parish School Board, members who would only be able to serve one more term include Charles Strong, Ronnie Broughton, Penny Long, Ouida Garner, and Bruce Williams.

Brandon Eden, Jerry Lott and Robert Holloway are all in their first year of sevice and would be eligable for two more terms.

The law also states a term limit option will not be given to the Recovery School District, charter schools, or districts where voters have already approved term limits for their school board members.






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