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Sep 30th

Click it or Ticket effort is underway

The National Seat Belt enforcement mobilization effort, “Click it or Ticket” will be May 23-June 5. A startling statistic is every year almost 1.3 million people are killed worldwide due to traffic crashes. That number is projected to increase to 1.9 million by the year 2020.

What does this mean to residents of Louisiana?  In 2010, there were 709 fatalities and over 68,000 injuries on our Louisiana roads.  This means that virtually every citizen in Louisiana was touched by a tragic death or injury on the highway. 

What is the simplest thing you can do to avoid being one of these statistics?  When you get in a vehicle, you and all passengers buckle up. We make kids do it, and they get the point.  It is the pickup truck driver and the back seat passenger who don’t want to comply with the law. While 76% of those in cars buckle up, only 70% of those in pickup trucks do the same.  Statistics show that overall, 59% of all traffic fatalities in Louisiana were unbuckled, but 85% of back seat occupants killed were unbuckled.

It just makes sense that if you buckle up a child in the back seat, why would grandmother not also buckle up.  How tragic for one member of the family to die in a car crash simply because they did not do for themselves what they did for the child sitting next to them.

Law enforcement officials should be using their time and our tax dollars pursuing more “important” criminal activities.  But if this does not inspire you to obey the law and buckle up, your local law enforcement officials will be on the lookout for you to help convince you of the importance of this law…with a ticket.






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