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Oct 02nd

Louisiana Tech/Houston game sets numerous NCAA records

HOUSTON—Louisiana Tech's 56-49 win over Houston Saturday was so much of a showcase between two prolific offenses that the teams combined to set several NCAA records.

LA Tech and Houston combined to set NCAA records for most combined plays run in a regulation game (209) and most combined first downs recorded in a game (78).

Louisiana Tech and Houston broke a 40-year old record as the two teams combined for 209 offensive plays in the 56-49 Bulldog victory breaking the old NCAA record of 196 plays run between San Diego State (99) and North Texas (97) on Dec. 4, 1971.

LA Tech and Houston also combined for 78 first downs in the game, topping the old NCAA record for most combined first downs in a game of 72 set by New Mexico (37) and San Diego State (35) on Sept. 27, 1986.

The two teams combined for 87 completed passes, breaking the old NCAA record of 81 combined passes completed in a game set on Nov. 3, 1990 by TCU and Houston.

Louisiana Tech and Houston also set an NCAA record for most passes attempted without an interception. The two quarterbacks attempted a combined 129 passes in the game but neither Tech's Colby Cameron or Houston's David Piland threw an interception. That breaks the old record of 114 passes attempted set by Illinois and Purdue on Oct. 12, 1985.

Most plays, both team (regulation)

Old Record: 196--San Diego State (99) & North Texas (97), Dec. 4, 1971 (851 yards)

New Record: 209 - Louisiana Tech (94) & Houston (115), Sept. 8, 2012 (1,291 yards)

Most first downs, both team

Old Record: 72--New Mexico (37) & San Diego State (35), Sept. 27, 1986

New Record: 78 - Louisiana Tech (38) & Houston (40), Sept. 8, 2012

Most passes conpleted, both teams

Old Record: 81--TCU (44) & Houston (37), Nov. 3, 1990 (attempted 135)

New Record: 87 - Louisiana Tech (34) & Houston (53), Sept. 8, 2012 (attempted 129)

Most passes attempted without interception, both teams

Old Record: 114--Illinois (67) & Purdue (47), Oct. 12, 1985 (completed 67)

New Record: 129 - Louisiana Tech (52) & Houston (77), Sept. 8, 2012 (completed 87)

Newcomers waste little time

First impressions last a lifetime, according to an old cliche, but Louisiana Tech football coach Sonny Dykes might settle for four years.

Several newcomers lived up to — and arguably exceeded — high expectations in the Bulldogs' 56-49 victory, and freshman running backs Kenneth Dixon and Tevin King were right at the forefront.

"You worry about playing true freshmen just because, 'Are you going to see the same thing you have seen in practice in the game?'" Dykes said. "That was a concern, but I thought they both responded very well. They did what we asked them to do."






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