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Sep 30th

Glenbrook to take part in jamboree

Apaches to play UCA in Riverdale jamboree

The Glenbrook Apaches will head to Coushatta tonight to take part in the Riverdale Jamboree. The Apaches will take on Union Christian at 7 p.m., and Claiborne Academy and Riverdale will follow afterward.

Each "game" will consist of two 15-minute quarters.

Glenbrook head coach Greg Tibbitt says fans shouldn't expect an offensive explosion tonight.

"We'll probably stay pretty vanilla," he said. "We're going to work on the things that we've been working on in practice."

Tibbitt said that the main objective tonight is to give some of his younger players some much needed experience.

"We have a lot of kids that are inexperienced," he said. "And we want to get them some playing time. They need to get out there and play."

Tibbitt said everyone on the Glenbrook bench should be ready to see playing time.

"We have a first team and a second team," he said. "But there's not all that much difference. We just want to let the kids get out there and hit another team for a change. And it's going to be hot out there, so we'll rotate a lot of guys in and out."

The Apaches coaches will also pay close attention to the night's second game, as Glenbrook will open their regular season next week against Riverdale.

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