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Oct 01st

Auditor OKs jury books

Certified Public Accountant Margie Williamson gave Webster Parish Police Jury a bill of clean health in their mandated yearly audit for the legislative auditor.

Williamson, of Allen, Green and Williamson, spoke during Tuesday's meeting.

"This is the audit for year ending December 31, 2011," she said. "Our audit includes the police jury, Community Services and E-911.

"All of those entities received an unqualified opinion of their financial statements," Williamson continued. "That means that the financial statements are fairly stated as presented, without any qualifications. An unqualified opinion on your financial statement is the best that you can get."

Total assets for WPPJ in 2011 were $23,599,805, which is a $492,358 increase from 2010. Of the total assets, $3,355,723 is unrestricted.

According to the financial statement unrestricted means, "...if we had to pay off all of our bills today...we would have $3,355,723 left."

Total parish revenue for 2011 was $13,959,816, which was $892,898 over 2010 total revenue.

Total parish expenses for 2011 were $13,128,913, which was $419,181 over 2010 expenses.

The increase in net assets for 2011 was $830,903, which was $474,717 over 2010.

The audit also reports non-compliance findings.

"All of the findings have to do with the federal programs except for the first one," Williamson said. "The first one was a finding for Community Services for not making timely deposits. The rest of the findings are federal compliance findings. We audited six federal programs, which is a lot."

WPPJ President Charles Walker wanted to be clear about the audit.

"Is your opinion, being a certified public accountant, that Webster Parish Police Jury's audit is good?"

"Yes," Williamson said.

In other business:

Yolanda Palmer was appointed to a two-year term on the Cotton Valley Fire Protection District 8 board.

Garland Hughes and Pete Schuler were reappointed to the Sarepta Water District.

Perch Street was given a 15 miles-per-hour speed limit from end to end.

Red Oak Lane will be posted as 35 miles-per-hour.

A dead tree leaning toward Fuller Road was declared an imminent threat, giving parish workers permission to go onto private property to remove it.

n A road without a clear spelling will now be Gryder Road. According to District 6 juror Jim Bonsall, the road was originally named for the person who owned it. He said the jury posted a sign with the name spelled incorrectly as Grider, and some residents use one name and other residents use the other. New signs will be posted.






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