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Sep 30th

It’s Child’s Play ...


Harper gets new playground equipment

Parents of Harper Elementary students worked together to give their children a new addition to their playground.

"Parents worked diligently last year and raised more than $24,000 for the new playground equipment," Harper Principal Janene Ashley said. "Ms. (Cyndi) Hair, who was principal here last year, said the parents and volunteers showed so much school involvement and support last year, and I am looking forward to working with parents and the community as we continue to grow and better our school."

Ashley said parents will continue their fund-raising efforts this year to raise money for handicap-accessible play equipment.

"They want to make sure every child can have an enjoyable recess," she said. "For that to happen, we want a wheelchair-accessible swing and a Ten-Spin, which is like a merry-go-round that children can be secured to."

Tonya Harris, who was involved in last year's fund-raising efforts, said fund-raisers and volunteer efforts were what made the project a success.

"We had so many fund-raisers – from Christmas portraits, Bingo, Cookie Dough sales, and more," she said. "It was the parents, friends, family and community members who bought from our children and participated in our efforts that made this possible. We hope this sense of school pride and spirit of giving and helping continues this school year."

For more information about fund-raising efforts or parent organizations, contact Harper Elementary at 377-7548 or your school of choice.






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