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Oct 02nd

Heflin mayor fights recall

Heflin Mayor Judy Tillman rallied the majority of the village's Board of Aldermen to fight her December 8 recall election.

"I have talked to an attorney about the issues and I have a case to fight it," Tillman said at last night's board meeting. "There are some flaws in the recall.

"Now, the village can pay the attorney fees and it can be fought, which will be less than the recall election," she continued. "The recall election, they tell me, will cost somewhere between eight and 10 thousand dollars or more ... I've talked to a couple of attorneys and that's what they've told me."

Alderman Robert Stachowicz pointed out the costs Tillman quoted were actually for a second special election.

"The general election's going to be $1,500 minus whatever the state puts on it," he said. "The recall election is going to be put on the general ballot, and we're going to have to pay our part of the $1,500.

"Then if the voters approve a recall," Stachowicz continued, "they will have to set a date for a special election, and the Village of Heflin – since it's the only one involved with it – has to foot the bill."

Alderman Todd Leake expressed support of an appeal.

"I think if we have a legitimate case we should go for it and see what happens," he said. "If it's going to cost less than an election then I say let's go for it, let's pay for the attorney."

Stachowicz echoed Leake's concern.

"We cannot afford to pay for a special election," he said. "We just don't have that kind of money."

Despite her assertion that an appeal would be less of a burden on the village, when asked by Stachowicz, Tillman did not have an estimate of the attorney fees required.

"We do not know what all it's going to include yet," she said. "She did say it would be a lot less than the recall election."

Prior to Tillman asking for a motion to vote, Alderwoman Cathy Lee made a statement.

"I would like to say, contrary to what people think, I did not initiate the recall petition," Lee said, "I did not do the petition. I did the petition whenever we tried to have beer sales in Heflin and it failed tremendously. I'm through with petitions according to that.

"The only thing that I will say is that I did not try to stop (the recall petition)," she continued. "There's a lot of issues that are not being brought up."

Tillman responded to Lee's unexplained conclusion with one of her own.

"There are issues that have not been told exactly correctly," she said. "That's all I will say."

Ultimately, Leake and Stachowicz voted to engage the attorney and challenge the recall. Lee abstained.

To view Louisiana law regarding recalls, see Revised Statues 18:1300.1 through 18:1300.17 on legis.la.gov.






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