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Oct 01st

Police involved in chase


Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper has a message for persons involved in a motor vehicle accident: if you leave the scene, you will be in a lot more trouble.

Brian Green, 28, of the 1000 block of Brenda Circle, was arrested by police Wednesday afternoon on charges of hit and run, flight from an officer and running a red light.

"There was an accident at the intersection of Homer Road and Bymo," Cropper said. "Ofc. Danny Turner was the first officer on the scene. He observed a white vehicle sitting in Homer Road and a maroon vehicle on Bymo."

Turner reportedly approached a woman in the white vehicle and established she was not injured before attempting to approach the maroon car.

"As he was approaching the other vehicle on Bymo, the door, which was open, closed and the vehicle was leaving the scene," Cropper said. "Turner instructed the driver (Green) to stop, but he didn't. He turned on Homer Road, went up to Lewisville Road."

Cropper said Turner continued to try to stop Green. A second patrol unit, operated by Ofc. James Barnes and Off. Chris Henderson turned off a side street, attempting to stop Green on Lewisville Road.

"The vehicle went around Barnes' unit," Cropper said. "Capt. Marvin Garrett and Lt. Dan Weaver were in an unmarked unit. They pulled out in front of him, crossing the roadway, but when the vehicle continued straight for them, they had to pull out of Green's way before the vehicle rammed them."

At that point, the chief said Turner and Barnes had caught up with Green, who was making a right-hand turn onto Chandler Street.

"Since the vehicle was refusing to stop, and it appeared he might injure somebody by hitting them, they performed what we call a 'pit maneuver,'" said the chief. "Ofc. Turner took his push bumpers and hit him in the back passenger side fender to turn the vehicle.

"Green was attempting to drive away from that, so Barnes put his push bumpers into the front passenger side fender to bring the vehicle to a stop," he continued.

Cropper said Green was cooperative and did not continue to resist officers once he was stopped.

"He couldn't really explain why he left," Cropper said. "There was nothing illegal in the vehicle; there were no warrants for his arrest.  Everything was legal in his personal vehicle. Why he ran or why he refused to stop, nobody knows."

Cropper said Green takes prescription medication for seizures, and those pills were found in his car.

"We had an ambulance crew come up and check him out at the police department, but they cleared him and said everything looked good," Cropper said. "He was the second vehicle involved in the wreck on Homer Road, so if he had stayed at the scene, he would not be facing all these charges."

Cropper said Green has posted bond.






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