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Oct 02nd

Former patient overcomes difficult times; heads home


Katherine Lowery said she knows how to get home, after you have been somewhere you didn't know to go.

Wednesday, the staff of Meadowview gave Lowery a "see you later party."

"Goodbyes are hard," Lowery said. "So we will just say 'see you later.'"

Lowery came to Meadowview in May of 2011, dependent on a ventilator and unable to walk. Because of her time spent in therapy, Lowery feels she is ready to return home.

"(Patients) have to do their part (in therapy)", she said. "I knew what I wanted. I wanted to walk and go home. So I worked at it."

Lowery said she did not have a positive attitude when she first arrived at Meadowview.

"I was hurt," she said. "I didn't know why I had ended up here. "

However, Lowery did not dwell on her disappointment for long.

"I try to live my life as if God has put me wherever he wants me," she said. "So if he wanted me here, I was going to do my best and depend on him. I did work hard and do my part in therapy, but I did it through Him."

Lowery admitted there were difficult times on her road to health.

"You just have to believe, like the Maker tells you," she said. "In our lives, we run into things we don't want no part of. I sure didn't want to come here. But, we have to do things we don't want to do sometimes because He has given it to you."

Meadowview administrators, staff and therapists gave Lowery gifts of flowers, cards and words during her party.

"She has been rocking rehab with her hard work," said Dan Rodriguez, Meadowview administrator. "We are amazed at her determined efforts and thank her for allowing us to help her."






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