Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

City Civil Suits

The followoing civil suits were filed in Minden City Court - Ward One from June 22 through the week of July 13.

Paula Ford vs. Kevin Savage, Past Due Rent

Henry Robin vs. James Perot, Judg. Exec. & Garnishment

Henry Robin vs. John Jackson, Judg. Exec. & Garnishment

Lisa Calloway (POA) for Ernestine Moore vs. James Ary, Recover Property

Republic Finance, LLC vs. Larry Woodfork, On Note, Etc.

Edith A. Mims vs. Anthony Edwards, Eviction

Republic Finance, LLC vs. Charlotte Green, On Note, Etc.

Republic Finance, LLC vs. J. D. Henderson, On Note

Republic Finance, LLC vs. Walter Parrish, On Note

North Parke Apartments vs. April Germany, Eviciton

Republic Finance, LLC vs. Ronnie Reamer, On Note

9 Morgan Finance, LLC vs. Nolan Murray, On Note

1st Franklin Financial Corporation (GA) vs. Larry Thurman, Judg. Exec. & Garnishment

Webster Manor vs. Rita Edmond, Eviction

Lillie B. Tate vs. Christopher & Rebecca Eason, Past Due Rent

John D. King vs. Joe Laroux, Eviction

1st Franklin Financial Corporation (GA) vs. Dominicia Ferrell, On Note

Asset Acceptance, LLC vs. Johnny Gill, Open Account

Southwood Apartments vs. Kashannon Grigsby, Eviction

Southwood Apartments vs. Dawnyell Grigsby, Eviction

Webster Village Subdivision vs. Tina Smith, Eviction

Jeane Toms Perritt vs. Caleb Sapp, Eviction

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Crystal R. Vance, On Credit Card

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Eric M. Denny, On Credit Card

Chuck Horne vs. Eloye Perez and All Occupants, Eviction

Finance America Cash 2 U Springhill vs. Kathryn Hanson, Judg. Exe. & Garnishment

Adriana Walker vs. Jack Wynne Builder, Inc. and Penn-America Insurance Company, Damages

Tedd Todd vs. Jackie Cummings, Eviction

Glenn Wiggins/Wiggins Property vs. Steve and Debra Miller, Eviction

Fia Card Services, N.A. vs. Beatrice McKinsey, On Credit Card

Louisiana Bureau of Credit Control, Inc. vs. Barbara S. Shepherd, On Acct/Assign

Charlotte Scott vs. Sallie Johnson, Eviction

First Heritage Credit vs. Janelise Washington, On Note

MBL Bank vs. Keith L. Minix, OD Account

Clyde Stanley's Karate, LLC vs. Delores West, On Contract

Gulfco of LA DBA Tower Loan of Minden vs. Patricia Edwards, On Note

Gulfco of LA DBA Tower Loan of Minden vs. Tanquenika Markray, On Note

Gulfco of LA DBA Tower Loan of Minden vs. Charity Prudhomme, On Note

Gulfco of LA DBA Tower Loan of Minden vs. Brian Sanders, On Note

TD Auto Finance, LLC vs. Tamikia Harrison, Deficiency Balance

Ruby Lewis vs. Mattie L. Lewis-Cobb, Damages.






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