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Oct 01st

Retired Soldier Getting Turned Back on Healthcare

Dear Editor:

Reading the Southwest Daily News, Tuesday 10 May 2011. Article "Vets oppose bill that raises health care fees! (A.P.)

This one is near and dear to me, a long time Army retiree of 26 honorable years of service, WW II and Vietnam.

This article should awaken all military members, most especially the retired ones, and those like myself, over 65 years of age that have been farmed out to civilian care.

Until recently, earlier this year, I received a bill from a local hospital, under the column of "you pay".

This is where I began bucking the system, with a letter to my U. S. Congressman, a Navy Veteran, also an M.D., Medical Doctor.

Two months later, after receiving a response of two and a half pages, references of laws, paragraphs, etc. I decided to get my two senators involved in this unjustice, not only to me, but all military retirees.

Also wrote a letter to the head of the Army Forces committee in the U. S. House, Rep. Joe Wilson, S.C. So far, I haven't heard from these last three congress members.

Yesterday, I went to a foot doctor, second visit, about a problem with my right foot. His diagnosis was a special inner sole or surgery. I elected the inner sole. This was a prescription item.Today, I went to the Med. store for this, with the prescription. They asked me about my insurance, telling them I had Medicare, A & B and Tricare for Life. I was told this wasn't covered, reason for this letter.

To begin with, our Federal Government has promised ever since WW II, anyone serving 20 honorable years would be provided full and complete medical and dental care for the members and spouse, to include any legal dependent.

Problem No. 1, I was receiving a lot of dental care after retiring 1 August 1972. In 1988, the dental care began slipping away. Within a few months, it was gone completely. This promised dental care has cost me many thousands of dollars. Now it seems to appear, the same is happening with our Medical care.

One thing most of our people in Congress don't know, or don't care is the fact our medical care is not a freebee. We had always been informed this medical and dental care was part of our Retired pay. This service would be full, complete any military of Federal post.

If they, our government wants to save money, better yet, save young lives, stay out of undeclared wars.

I could write a book on this subject, if I were a writer. Since I am only one retired soldier, I hope this will be printed. Also, all the veterans, and all active duty will read this and call, or better, write them a letter with your concerns.

Jack Daniels






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