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Oct 02nd

More than 100K missing from Webster Coroner’s Office

More than $100,000 is missing from the Webster Parish Coroner's Office, and District Attorney Schuyler Marvin says a suspect has already been named.

"The State Police and [Webster Parish] Sheriff's Office are investigating, but most of the money was wired into the personal account of bookkeeper Glen Guin," Marvin said.

Furthermore, Marvin said Guin "more or less admitted" to taking the money over the course of at least the past two years.

The coroner, Dr. Carlos Irizarry, was notified by a local bank that one of the office's accounts was overdrawn. A concerned Irizarry contacted the Sheriff's Office for assistance.

"He started looking into it and that's when all of this was uncovered," Marvin said. "It's just a paper trail that is pretty easy to follow."

As for the "more or less" confession, Marvin said Irizarry confronted Guin on the missing funds and Guin made statements of guilt and promised to pay back the money.

"There has been no arrest yet, but I expect one shortly," Marvin said. "However, everyone at the coroner's office is being looked at except Dr. Irizarry."

Significant monies flow through the coroner's office including $5,000 per month from the Webster Parish Police Jury as well as payments from the City of Minden for autopsies and charges for death certificates and investigations.

While the investigation continues, Marvin said it appears that most of the money went to pay costs associated with the world of competitive horse shows.

This investigation is the latest in a line of malfeasance in public office that has plagued Webster Parish the past decade. Other cases have included the arrests of former Clerk of Court Sueletha Frazier, Tax Assessor Kerry Burns as well as fire chiefs in Springhill, Shongaloo and Cotton Valley.

"Dr. Irizarry is totally cooperating," Marvin said. "He is aggravated and disappointed as I am. You'd think people would learn what is taxpayer money and what is your money."






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