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Oct 02nd

Giving Our Best to the Master

Ponder these words of the ageless hymn and reflect on your life's commitment to Jesus.

Give of the best to the Master, give of the strength of your youth; Throw your soul's fresh glowing ardor into the battle for truth. Jesus has set the example, dauntless was He, young and brave; Give Him your loyal devotion, given Him the best that you have. Give of the strength of youth; clad in salvation's full armor, join in the battle for truth. (Written by Howard Benjamin Grose).

Isn't that a beautiful challenge to our youth who have just completed high school and college? Now, as they head out to 'conquer the world, these words can be "watchwords of success" for all who will honor them? Think of their untested strength, the fresh glowing desires of these young minds, the hopes and dreams of what life is all about - all of these are being cast out before them as they seek to 'conquer the world'. What will they do? What can they do? These words and selected Scriptures can serve as a compass to guide and protect them.

Renewed commitments to the Lord, renewed trust in the truth of His teachings, an humbled an contrite heart, bowing before the Lord always open doors of blessings. Let's pray for our youth and young adults as we loose them now into the strong hands of our loving God. Into their young, searching lives, let's dump continuous prayers, mountains of encouraging words and notes of love. We can set the example by "giving our best to the Master", put to test these Promises of Faith so we all can 'rise up like eagles and soar above the challenges of each stormy day.

The hymn continues: Give Him first place in your heart and service; Give and to you shall be given, God His beloved Son gave, Seek to serve Him gratefully; give Him the best that you have. Give of your best to the Master, nothing else is worthy His love; He gave Himself for our ransom, gave up His glory above; laid down His life without a murmur, we from sin's ruin to save; Give Him your heart's adoration, give Him the best that you have.

What a beautiful challenge for all of us as we begin a long hot summer. You know the coolest place in town this time of year is the church. Let's be cool and support our church, pastor and Lord. Our best is all He wants from us.






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