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Oct 01st

Safe from the law


WPSO: No extradition papers, no arrest

Edna Sue Pate, a woman who allegedly pilfered more than $97,000 from her grandson's college trust fund, is believed to be living on Methodist Camp Road in Minden.

Unfortunately, Webster Parish Sheriff's Office cannot arrest her without an extradition order from Indiana, where her charges are pending.

"We looked in NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and saw what agency had issued the warrant," WPSO Chief Deputy Bobby Igo said. "We called them and asked them would they extradite, because if they will not extradite, then it doesn't do us any good to arrest her."

The warrant only specified extradition from states that surround Indiana, according to Igo.

"It's illegal for us to arrest her if we are not a surrounding state," he said. "We couldn't even arrest her if we wanted to ... our hands are tied. There's nothing we can do about it until they send us something saying they will extradite."

Previous media reports have stated that Pate was located by WPSO, however Igo says those reports are inaccurate.

"We did look it up where she had a current address there," he said. "We weren't going to run out there and try to do anything and then her have a chance to leave if they weren't going to extradite."

Thomas Smith, father of Christian Patrick Kenneth Smith whose college funds were allegedly stolen, said "I will use every resource at my disposal" to be sure she gets her day in court.

"She can run, but she can't hide," he said. "I want her to face a judge and jury."

Smith, a private investigator based in Griffith, Indiana, said he believes the extradition order has not been given because of the money required. So, Smith has set up a website: www.arrestednasuepate.org.

"The purpose of this web site is to collect donations to cover the cost to send two police detectives to Louisiana to pick up this criminal," his site reads. "This is necessary because the Lake County Prosecutor's Office and the Griffith Indiana Police Department will not foot the bill to pay for their officers to go get her.

"I am left with no alternative but to raise the money myself," it continues.

Smith's website said that all donated funds, minus bank and credit card fees, would be used for the extradition and prosecution of Pate. It said that any remaining funds would be donated to Griffith Police Department to use at their discretion.

According to Smith, a surgeon for whom Pate had served as nurse opened the $100,000 trust fund in Christian's name in 2003. Pate was named sole trustee, and the funds were only to be spent on his education.

Allegedly, she removed the money from 2004 to 2007 and gambled it all away.

Smith said that, knowing her to be a gambler, he began to worry about the trust and eventually filed a civil suit demanding an accounting of the money.

When Pate never responded to the suit, a warrant was issued for her arrest.






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