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Oct 02nd

Recycling for a reason


Doyline residents, Lyle and Barbara Miller, parents of Theresa Stevens Stelly, founder of a cancer research foundation, believe in actively supporting their daughter's positive endeavors.

Lyle, 81, and Barbara, 75, recently drove more than 200 miles to Washington (Louisiana) with a truckload of recycled materials for Creator's Canvas Cancer Research Foundation (CCCRF).

Recycling is one of the ongoing fund-raisers for Creator's Canvas. Not only does recycling help the environment, the credit from the recycled items goes to CCCRF and in turn will be donated to cancer research facilities like MD Anderson, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Cancer Centers of Acadiana in Lafayette.

"She (Theresa) just really started about a year ago recycling for her foundation," Barbara said.

And not long after Theresa added recycling to her fund-raising for the non-profit organization, her parents began to gather recyclable goods.

"We started gathering around Christmas time," Barbara continued.

Gathering recyclable goods such as cardboard, tin cans and magazines and taking them to Washington are not the only way the Lyle's support the foundation.

"We support her financially every once in a while because I think we should help people when we can," Lyle said.

CCCRF began in April 2006 in memory of Theresa's husband, Daniel Keith Stevens, to raise money for cancer education and research.

"God laid it on my heart to start this foundation while Danny was living," said Theresa, in her introduction letter on the CCCRF website, www.creators-canvas.org. "I told Danny about it and his response was to do it. Due to Danny's health condition, I did not get to start it while he was living, but I still have the desire to help someone else live and spend one more day with their families and to develop their relationships with God and His son, Jesus."

The Lyle's will continue to gather recyclable goods and take them to the foundation or load Theresa up when she is in the Doyline area.

This week, CCCRF sent $200 to MD Anderson, $200 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and $200 to Cancer Center of Acadiana, according to Theresa in an e-mail to the Minden Press-Herald.

"As we make more money, we will send it to cancer research facilities. I wish a cure for cancer could be found," she said.

CCCRF is having an art exhibit during the month of August in the Opelousas Museum and Interpretive Center in Opelousas. Lyle and Barbara donated several picture frames for the art exhibit and Community Coffee is providing coffee to serve people going in to look at the Creator's Canvas exhibit.

Before retirement Lyle, Sr., was an instructor for aircraft instrument repair as well as doing repair work himself with the Air Force. He worked on C-130's, F-111's, F-102's, and B-47's. He went to Vietnam in 1970.

He retired as a Master Sgt. with 20 years of active duty and 8 years in the reserves.

Barbara has always been involved in church activities and presently works at the Thrift Store for First Baptist Church.

The Lyles also have two sons, Lyle Miller, Jr. and William Martin Miller (Marty).

Lyle, Jr., retired from the Coast Guard with 20 years, now lives in Doyline and does small engine repair at a shop located at Barksdale AFB.

Marty also retired from the Coast Guard with 22 years and now works in the Hearing Clinic at the VA in Beaumont. Marty and his family live in Nederland, Texas.

The Lyles have three grandchildren and four great grandchildren

When they are not gathering items for their daughter's foundation the Lyles tend to their garden.

"You should see the garden he's retired to," Barbara said. "He has a beautiful garden this year."

Right now it's all about corn and peas but they have already put up 34 quarts of green beans.






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