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Oct 01st

Museum gains new friends

Friends of Germantown Museum and the department of Louisiana Secretary of State honored Claiborne Electric Thursday, June 7.

Claiborne is currently donating electrical service upgrades and additions to the colony to accommodate the new visitor center being constructed. They are burying all above ground electrical cables within the fenced areas, and adding lighting and outlets on all four corners of the property.

WPCVB executive director Lynn Dorsey welcomed Mark Brown, CEO of Claiborne Electric Cooperative, Inc. and thanked them for their generosity.

"This is a very significant first step in the construction of the new climate controlled visitor center," Dorsey said.

Brown told the group that Claiborne Electric is excited for the opportunity to be involved with the museum.

"We appreciate being contacted by the people who manage the facility," he said. "These grounds are rich with history, and there is so much potential for a bright future. I can envision fairs, festivals and other great events taking place here when the project is complete, and we at Claiborne Electric are happy to do our part."

Germantown Colony was one of three sites founded by the Utopian Movement or Harmonist Society in 1835.

A group from Economy, Pennsylvania established a colony near Minden under the leadership of "Countess" von Leon.

The colony operated on a communal basis until 1871. Of the three Harmony Society Colonies, Germantown was the most successful.

It made the Nation's Cultural Resources Worthy of Preservation list in 1979. Germantown Colony and Museum is seven miles northeast of Minden on Germantown Road.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Saturday. Admission is free.

The museum is also available by appointment with group rates.

For information, call 377-6061.






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