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Oct 01st

Builder busted for theft

Carl_GreenBusiness has stalled for a local contractor who was arrested for stealing approximately $2,000 in building materials from the local man who hired him.

Carl Green, 51, of the 2300 block of Jack Martin Road, was arrested by Minden Police and charged with felony theft, attempted home invasion and cyberstalking.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said his concern over others hiring Green is part of what prompted him to release the story of his arrest.

"We don't want anybody else to go through what these people did," said the chief.

According to Cropper, Green was remodeling an office space for a local dentist when he was terminated for incompletion of work.

"The person who hired Green was familiar with him and with his parents," Cropper said. "Their arrangement was that the contractor would buy the supplies, do the work and bill the doctor every Friday. He would then be paid for the supplies and the work he did during the week, as well as paying Green for his two helpers."

The victim reportedly was trying to lease the office space and asked Green to complete certain aspects of the job before he showed the space to prospective tenants.

"Green wouldn't get the work done and would not do what he was asked to do," Cropper said. "The victim put up with this for a while, but when Green wouldn't do the things he was told, the dentist decided to terminate him."

After termination, Cropper said the dentist came to the police department to report that Green had loaded his trailer with supplies from the site and taken them.

"These were items the victim had bought and paid for," Cropper said. "He didn't want to get Green in any trouble, he just wanted to get his supplies back."

The chief agreed and attempted to contact Green, leaving messages saying the materials should be returned to the job site.

The same evening, Cropper said Green called the police department.

"He said nobody was going to stop him from taking those materials, and he was going to go back and load up all the materials he could," said the chief.

Ofc. Bryan King, Ofc. John Anderson, Off. Chris Henderson and Ofc. Kenneth James responded by going to the place of business.

"They were trying to catch him there when a call came in from the dentist's wife at their residence, saying someone was attempting to break into the house, threatening bodily harm to her inside the home," Cropper said. "Green allegedly had a two-by-four, beating on the door and the wall of the house."

By the time officers arrived, Green was gone.

"The wife indicated it was Green trying to break in and he had yelled threats to her," Cropper said. "He had also called and left voice mails on her phone, threatening harm to her and her husband."

Since Green lives outside the city limits, police reportedly contacted the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office with his address.

"Deputies went out there," said Cropper. "They contacted us and indicated that Green was in the residence but refused to come out. We sent a couple of officers out to assist but by the time they arrived, Green had come out and given up."

WPSO deputy John Byrd reportedly transported Green to the Minden Police Department where he was arrested on warrants. He was transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center where he was placed under a $30,000 bond.






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