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Oct 01st

Cullen adds new member to board

Cullen Board of Aldermen invited a new member and elevated an existing member.

Alderwoman Floydean White, who served as mayor from 2005-2008, was appointed Mayor Pro Tem at last night's meeting. Terry Hoof was appointed alderman.

White and Hoof each received three yea votes and one nay vote.

Alderman Gary Sullivan put his hat in the ring for Mayor Pro Tem as well, casting the only nay vote. White provided one of the yea votes herself.

Hoof received support from all but Alderman Tarcus Hawthorne, who backed another candidate for the position.

Both positions were previously held by interim Mayor Dexter Turner. He was appointed to serve the remainder of Bobby Washington's term after Washington's resignation in March.

In his other job as Springhill Police Detective, Turner has been recommended for termination by Chief Will Lynd. He is expected to learn his fate at a special city council meeting at 10 a.m. on Thursday May 31.

An ordinance for protection against water supply contamination was adopted. Similar ordinances are being suggested by Webster Parish Drinking Water Protection Committee and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

"Critical areas" of 1,000 feet around each drinking water source was established. Numerous activities that pose potential risk of drinking water contamination are prohibited in those areas.

If the activity predates the ordinance, it is grandfathered and not subject to the ordinance. Special permits would be required if the business wants to expand its activities.

If a grandfathered business is sold, it would remain grandfathered as long as it continues the same activity. If the activity is stopped for a period of time, grandfather status would be revoked.

Violators of the ordinance will be subject to civil penalties and potential jail time.

In other business:

Springhill Press was appointed official journal for 2012/2013 fiscal year.

Ordinances related to police chief salary and the town's operating budget of expenditures were announced, and will be voted for adoption at the next meeting on June 25.

Beautification Committee Chair, Alderwoman Barbara Green announced a raffle for a $100 Walmart gift card to raise money for the replacement of Christmas light bulbs and flags for Independence Day.






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