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Oct 01st

Subject admits to B & E

Kenneth_CarterClaims he did not steal anything

The culprit of a business break-in on East Union Street has admitted to slinging a brick through the window but claims he didn't steal anything.

Kenneth W. Carter, 49, of the 300 block of Gilbert, was arrested by Minden Police for simple battery, criminal damage to property and on a warrant for disturbing the peace.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said in early April, a concerned citizen reported a broken window in the local business.

"We contacted the business owner, and after checking it out, he couldn't find anything missing," Cropper said. "A couple of days later, he discovered he was missing two air conditioners and a 32-inch television set that was still in the box."

Approximately two weeks later, Cropper said the owner told Officer Chase Wimberly that he had a possible suspect in the theft.

"The business owner had issues with Carter, an ex-employee, and he had to fire him," Cropper said. "The business owner suspected Carter in the burglary."

Around the same time, Carter was reportedly seen leaving a residence with an empty television box.

"The case was turned over to Detective (Heath) Balkom, who, along with Capt. (Marvin) Garrett checked Carter and learned there was an outstanding warrant on him for disturbing the peace," Cropper said. "They couldn't initially find him, but did locate him on May 18. They advised him of his Miranda rights and interviewed him at the police department."

The chief said when Carter was asked if he knew why he had been brought to the police station, Carter allegedly admitted he took a brick and broke the window at the East Union location.

"Carter indicated he did not steal anything," Cropper said. "He said he went into the business to steal money, but he couldn't find any money, so he left empty handed."

The stolen property has yet to be recovered.






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