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Sep 18th

Gunshot victim is moved

Send cards/letters: 312 Goodwill Street Minden, LA 71055

Young wife and mother Sara Kelley Bailey, who was critically shot in the head, has been moved to New Orleans for rehabilitation after developing an infection on her brain.

"She had developed E-coli on the brain from falling in the dew (when she was shot)," said Jerrie Kelley, the victim's stepmother.

According to Dr. John A. Vanchiere, Associate Professor and Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of LSU- Health Science Center, if it were just morning dew this complication for Bailey would not have occurred. But it is theoretically possible when an open wound, such as a gunshot wound, is mixed with environmental contaminants that can be on the ground.

E. Coli can cause meningitis, especially in infants and occasionally in patients with ventricular shunts that drain fluid from the brain to prevent increased pressure, according to Dr. Vanchiere, but it is not a common germ to cause meningitis in healthy individuals.

"They did a second surgery and got the infection and more skull. They closed it back up and took the plate out and gave her a regiment of antibiotics," Kelley said.

Bailey was moved at the beginning of last week to Touro Rehabilitation Center to finish out her antibiotics there, according to Kelley.

Although Bailey has suffered this new complication, her family is still in good spirits and hopeful of continued progress.

"She had been progressing really well. She can talk. She gets her words confused ... well, she knows what word she wants to say it just doesn't come out right," Kelley said.

Bailey is also able to get up and move around as long as she has someone in the room with her, according to Kelley.

"It's by the grace of God that we still have our child," Kelley said.

The family is unsure of how long Bailey will be in rehab so anyone wanting to send well wishes or cards can send them to 312 Goodwill St., Minden, LA 71055.

"We want to thank everyone for their prayers and we will make sure she gets (any card or letters)," Kelley said.

According to reports, Bailey was shot while walking home the morning of March 29. Thierry Woods, 35, of the 700 block of Jackson Street, Minden, was picked up by police shortly after the shooting. He reportedly admitted to Minden Police officers he shot Bailey.

According to police Chief Steve Cropper, the shooting occurred when Bailey was approached by Woods and she was unable to "help" him.

Woods is charged with second-degree attempted murder.

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