Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

Through the Valleys of Death’s Shadows

We all have 'touched death' in one way or another. No one is immune to it. As we move, reluctantly, toward the inevitable, we will become increasingly more aware of the dark shadows that crowd us from time to time. Death certainly is no stranger to man. The 'grim reaper' has been hanging around, circling like vultures, since Creation.

I like to think of life and death in a 'visual sense' ....like an hour-glass. Life is on top, lift-after death is on the bottom, separated by the tiny opening that allows the 'sands of time' to filter from "life to after-death". God sees us in a complete different way than we view ourselves. He views death as a "shadow in the valley" that we all must pass through. His eternal promises are the rods and staffs of safety and security we hold onto as we stumble blindly over these rocky paths in life. He sees 'the other side, the distant shore, the eternal green pastures awaiting'. We see only the jagged rocks of hardship, disappointments, hurts and pain of physical suffering of self or loved-ones. We must remember we are only passing through valleys where the shadow of death linger.

This is a reminder that we are not "home", but moving toward that eternal abode. Our rewards are not to be found here on this earth, but they are being stored away in heaven where they are safe forevermore. So we push on, step by step, led by His promise of Eternal Life. And the joy in our hearts propels us forward with confidence. Afraid of the dark? Never, when our Lord is walking with us.






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