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Sep 30th

Adopt-a-Window campaign

ShelterWindowWhile donations of time and money have started to come in for the restoration of Minden's only homeless shelter, United Christian Home is still in need of immediate assistance.

"This home is the only homeless shelter in Webster Parish to serve temporary emergency needs of women, children and men," said Bob Dickson, rehab chairman.

Work on the three homes that make up the shelter is progressing, according to Dickson, but the next major phase is the replacement of 55 doors and windows, which are in various stages of decay and disrepair.

In efforts to save money in the long run, "We are proposing to replace (the old windows) with rot-proof, lead-free, rust-proof, double-paned, sealed, insulated, easy-to-clean and virtually maintenance-free products," Dickson said.

Bids for the windows, according to Dickson, are in the range of approximately $400 each.

To help raise the money for the windows the United Christian Home has started an "Adopt-a-Window" campaign to give churches, Sunday school classes and individuals the opportunity to donate a one-time gift of $400.

According to the most recent Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, over the course of a year, the estimated odds of experiencing homelessness are approximately one in 194 for the general population, though the odds vary by circumstance.

The odds for people with incomes at or below the federal poverty line increase to an estimated one in 29. The group at greatest risk is poor veterans, who have one in 10 risk of experiencing homelessness over the course of a year.

The mission of the United Christian Home, which operates at or near capacity most of the time, is to provide temporary (up to six months) emergency shelter to applicants over 18 years of age deemed homeless as defined by the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act or as a result of some catastrophic fire of storm without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age financial status, veteran status or disability.

According to the mission statement, other goals of the shelter are to assist with guidance to employment, direction to educational rehabilitation, encouragement in spiritual development and direction to other programs offering permanent long-range assistance.

In addition to Dickson, United Christian Home board of director's members include The Rev. R.J. Whitaker, executive director and Graydon K. Kitchens, senior director. The organization is a 501(c)3.






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