Minden Press-Herald

Sep 22nd

Insurance options sought

With diminishing revenue on the horizon and an unanticipated increase in health insurance premiums looming, Webster Parish Police Jury is looking for ways to reduce expenses.

The total insurance premium is divided between multiple funds, some of which are not WPPJ responsibility. WPPJ only pays for their employees, retirees, jurors, former jurors who served at least three terms, road workers and the coroner.

Responsibilities for 2012 would increase over 14 percent from 2011, according to WPPJ insurance agent Jim Ritchie. Only a five percent increase was budgeted, according to WPPJ Secretary/Treasurer Ronda Carnahan.

Road worker expenses are paid out of a parish sales tax, but the remainder comes out of WPPJ’s general fund. Employee, etc. contributions are not accounted for in the reported figure but ran from 8.5 to 9.9 percent in 2011.

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