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Sep 30th

Man admits to sex crimes

babinA Minden man who was questioned by Webster Parish Sheriff's deputies in connection with a sexual battery charge has admitted to molesting his stepdaughters more than three decades ago.

Danny Ray Babin, 58, of the 100 block of Allen Drive, has been arrested on six counts of aggravated rape and one count of sexual battery.

According to WPSO Sgt. Tommy Kemp Jr., and Lt. Barry James, a deputy took a report Sunday, March 25 concerning sexual battery, where a female family member reportedly accused Babin of touching her inappropriately.

"His granddaughter was trying to leave a family gathering, and when he hugged her to tell her goodbye, he groped her," Kemp said.

The granddaughter, who is the adult child of one of Babin's stepdaughters, filled out a report against Babin. A Webster Parish coronor was dispatched to the scene, and Babin, who was determined to be a threat to himself or others, was admitted to Minden Medical Center for evaluation.

Two days later, the victim's 40-year-old aunt, another of Babin's stepdaughters, called the sheriff's office and told detectives that from the time she and her older sister were five and seven years old, Babin performed sex acts on them.

"She alleged the acts took place over a five-to-six-year period," Kemp said, "or until she reached the age where she could defend herself."

Kemp and James interviewed Babin's wife and asked that she bring Babin in for questioning when he was discharged from the hospital Friday, March 30.

"He was very calm when he came in," Kemp said. "He was advised of his Miranda, and we told him of the report filed by his granddaughter. I asked him what was up with that."

Babin reportedly admitted the incident happened, and several family members witnessed it.

Kemp said Babin told deputies he had taken a "feel-good drug" that day.

"It's a prescription drug," Kemp said. "He was supposed to take one pill and he had taken two that day. He said he was feeling young and energetic and just did it, and he said he knew he shouldn't have done it."

At that point in the investigation, Kemp and James decided to ask Babin about the stepdaughter's allegations of sexual acts from 35 years ago.

"I told him that we had another report about him, that was filed by one of his stepdaughters," Kemp said. "I told him she was explicit in her description of what had happened when she and her sister were five and seven years old over that five-to-six-year period."

When confronted, Babin reportedly told detectives that he had only molested the younger girl twice and the older girl four times.

Kemp said, according to Babin's wife, no reports or charges were filed then.

"They counseled with their pastor and they determined he (Babin) had to stop performing sex acts on the children," Kemp said. "They decided to keep it hush-hush and he wasn't going to do it any more. They decided they were just going to all love each other and get along."

According to R.S. 14:42, "the offender shall be punished life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence."

Webster Parish District Attorney Schuyler Marvin said he has not had a chance to study the case; however, "it doesn't make any difference what judge you have or the facts of the case, if you get convicted of agg. rape, the sentence is life. And life means life."

Marvin said in Webster Parish, cases such as this are being tried within a year of the arrest.

Marvin also said that even though only one of the stepdaughters has come forward at this point, a conviction on one count is good enough to ensure the subject will spend life in prison.

Kemp and Marvin asked any others who may have been molested by Babin to call WPSO at 377-1515.






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