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Oct 02nd

Attempted Murder


A 30-year-old Minden woman remains in critical condition suffering from a gunshot wound to her head and a Minden man has been charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Early Thursday morning, what appeared to be a pedestrian struck by a vehicle took a new turn when calls came into the Minden Police Department reporting a man walking down Constable Street holding a gun, later identififed as a .380 semi-automatic handgun.

Once in custody, Thierry Woods, 35, of the 700 block of Jackson Street, Minden, reportedly admitted to MPD officers he shot the victim, Sara Kelly Bailey and then walked away.

"We actually did not get a call in reference to the victim," said MPD Chief of Police Steve Cropper. "We had an officer making a pass by through there headed to the Glenbrook crossroads. He was just making a loop around and he got to the intersection of Pine and Goodwill where he noticed a local transit bus had pulled over to the side of the road with its flashers. He noticed there was a lady laying by the edge of the road."

According to the chief, at first Officer Clint Smith was under the impression the bus may have hit a pedestrian, so he stopped to see if he could help and find out exactly what had happened.

"Of course, when he got out of the unit and got up to her, he saw a large amount of blood coming from her head," Cropper said.

Reportedly, the transit bus driver had observed Bailey near the road, also, and had stopped to try and help.

"Just moments after (Officer Smith arrived), that's when dispatch got other calls coming in saying a black male was walking down Constable with a pistol in his hand down the middle of the street," Cropper said.

"Officers went to that location and made contact with him, and when they first approached him they actually thought he was talking on a cell phone because he had the handgun laid upon the side of his face," Cropper said.

"When he turned around, they observed that it was a handgun and they ordered him to put the gun down – he did. He laid it down and they took him into custody."

While Woods was being transported to MPD, officers at the Constable Street scene connected with those working the Pine Street scene. After comparing clues from both scenes, it was determined that Bailey had a possible gunshot wound to her head.

"So once we discovered (possible gunshot wound), then the detectives interviewed the suspect that we had taken into custody that had the weapon, and he told investigators that he is the one that shot her," Cropper said.

"He said she was walking down the sidewalk in front of him and he was needing some help. I don't know what kind of help he was looking for, but he asked her for some type of help and she told him she didn't know him and she wasn't going to help him so he pulled out his gun and he shot her in the back of the head. He indicated that she fell to the ground and he kept on walking."

The incident happened not far from Bailey's front door.

"Preliminary reports indicate to us that she had left last night to go visit a friend in Dubberly and she was supposed to be at home at 10:30 last night (Wednesday) and she didn't show up," Cropper said.

"Apparently, her husband fell asleep and then woke up this morning (Thursday) hearing her crying and walked outside and he was one of the first ones to discover her out there."

Bailey was airlifted to LSU Medical Center in Shreveport where, according to the latest report, she is listed in very critical condition and, said Cropper, "the indication that we got from the hospital is that the bullet is still present.

"Officially (Woods) has been charged with attempted second degree murder pending the victim's outcome. There is a possibility the charge can be upgraded if this lady does not survive," Cropper said.

Reportedly, when the bullet is located, it will be compared to the gun retrieved from Woods.

Woods was booked at MPD then transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center where a judge will set his bond.

Sgt Ryan Barnett, Ofc. Joel Kendrick and Lt. Dan Weaver were the officers that took the suspect into custody.

As of presstime Friday, a shell casing had not been found at the scene; however, detectives are continuing to search for it.

"We used metal detectors and even brought in a dog that is specially trained to smell a fired cartridge," Cropper said. "The grass is really tall, so we are going to have the city cut it and keep the clippings. Then, we'll run a metal detector again."

Doctors at LSU Medical Center told Cropper today they are unsure if the bullet is still lodged in Bailey's head.

"We've gotten conflicting information about the victim," said the chief. "We were told late yesterday that the bullet exited within about two inches of the entry. They are still running tests to see for sure."






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