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Oct 02nd

Fund-raising for furry friends

In concert with the fourth annual Louisiana Week for the Animals, Webster Humane Association (WHA) will hold a fund-raiser this Saturday beginning at 11 a.m.

A donation of $7 gets a chicken spaghetti plate with green beans, roll and bread pudding. Cold drinks are $1. The fund-raiser will continue until food runs out.

The Louisiana Week for the Animals from March 24 through April 1, is an annual event meant to "celebrate and recognize the unique and life-changing role that animals play in the lives of citizens through all walks of life," according to Animal World USA President Michelle Buckalew.

"Louisiana Week for the Animals will be bringing together educators, animal shelters, humane organizations, sanctuaries, businesses, students, artists, community leaders, and caring citizens in an action-packed compassionate week of community activities," Buckalew said.

WHA began in 2001 as Women Against Cruelty to Animals, changing to their current name in 2003.

"The function of our association is to help homeless animals," co-director of spay/neuter program Susan Baird said. "To help these little animals to get their vet needs taken care of, to foster them and to find a permanent, good home for them."

WHA offers a 24-hour phone line, a quarterly newsletter, pet obedience classes twice a year and spay/neuter vouchers for adopters.

A separate police jury funded program, the Webster Spay/Neuter program, exists alongside of WHA.

"It was in 2006 when the police jury accepted our proposal to set up the spay/neuter program," Baird said. "It's a low-income spay/neuter program to help people who have their own animals or are helping other animals in their area to get fixed and to stop their reproduction. That's the only way to stop overpopulation."

The police jury gives $2,000 a month to the program.

The jury also provides funds to two vets in the parish that take on animals that cannot be fostered.

"They also fund Dr. Clemons in south Webster and Dr. Stewart in north Webster to handle the stray, un-adoptable, suffering or dying animals that cannot be helped by us," WHA vice president Charlotte Beaird said.

WHA is a no-kill organization and does not have a dedicated facility. A number of volunteers foster animals that are up for adoption in their homes.

Being no-kill creates some challenges.

"We can only hold so many animals," Baird said. "Because once we get them in-house, if they don't move I won't put them to sleep to make room for somebody else. So a no-kill situation – then you have a no-room situation, which is sad."

The fund-raiser is at Arkla Tex Collision (on Homer Road across from Walmart) this Saturday from 11a.m. until food runs out.

For more information visit www.websterhumaneassociation.org or call 377-7433.






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