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Oct 02nd

Bad blood, spilled blood

Kendrick_TaylorApparent "bad blood" between two Minden men resulted in spilled blood for one and an arrest for the other.

Kendrick Taylor, 32, of the 400 block of North Roosevelt Street, was arrested for aggravated second degree battery after he allegedly cut another man on the arm.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Sgt. Keith King was patrolling Evans Street around 9 p.m. Sunday, when he heard what he thought was a gunshot.

"There was a lot of traffic on the road ... a lot of people on the street," Cropper said. "The officer left on foot, trying to make his way to where he thought he heard gunshots."

Cropper said the officer heard around 100 people who were "running and screaming about a gun."

As he approached the scene, Sgt. King was reportedly approached by a man who indicated he had been "jumped on" by another man.

"He said the second man had run toward Marion Street," said the chief.

When additional officers arrived on the scene, they were told that someone allegedly had been cut with a knife.

"Officers made contact with the victim, loaded him up in a vehicle to get him to the hospital and met him there," Cropper said. "They interviewed the victim and he named a man who ran up to him with a knife and started swinging it at him. He didn't realize he was cut until people started telling him he was bleeding."

The victim reportedly had several cuts on his arms.

Cropper said the first man who approached Sgt. King, saying he had been "jumped on" turned out to be Taylor – the suspect in the knife incident.

"Officers called detectives to come out because of all the confusion, all the people involved, and the numerous different stories," Cropper said.

According to the chief, Det. Heath Balkom interviewed the victim at the hospital. He claimed he was standing among some persons that were trying to warn him about Taylor and the knife.

"The victim said he threw up his arms, and the next thing he knew, his arms were being cut," said Cropper. "The victim then retaliated and threw a couple of punches."

The suspect – Taylor – then reportedly ran and hid in a vehicle where he was found and taken to Minden Police Department for questioning.

"He denied cutting anybody," Cropper said. "He denied having a knife, but he had blood on his pants and no visible wounds. The vehicle where he was hiding had blood smears in it, so officers took swabs of the blood in the vehicle and Taylor's pants. Then they took mouth swabs from the victim and the suspect. The victim came to the police department and filed charges against Taylor."

Cropper said Balkom was aware of "bad blood" between Taylor and the victim.

"About two days prior to the altercation, Taylor came to the police station and made allegations against the victim, accusing him of being a suspect in a vehicle burglary where some speakers were stolen," Cropper said. "So, there was some bad blood between them, and it came to a head Sunday night."

Taylor was arrested and booked at Minden Police Department, then transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.






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