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Oct 01st

Colonel’s recipe: 40 years

Leon_Williams_copyA repeat offender and major drug dealer got more than he bargained for Friday, when district court Judge Jeff Cox sentenced him to 40 years in prison without benefit of probation or parole.

According to Webster Parish assistant District Attorney Sherb Sentell, Leon "The Colonel" Williams, 51, rejected all offers by his office and elected to go to trial instead in June, 2010. Assistant District Attorney Jack Montgomery prosecuted that case.

"Williams was convicted by a jury, and when that happens and they have a prior felony conviction, it's our office's policy to always seek the habitual offender enhancement, and that's what we did in this case," Sentell said.

Williams was previously convicted of distribution of cocaine which carries a two-to-30-year sentence.

He was sentenced to 20 years in August of that year. He has been in the appeals' process since that time, and Sentell said Williams recently exhausted his appeals.

"His new sentence had to be 15 to 60," Sentell said. "The real kicker is, unlike a regular sentence where you get two-for-one 'good time,' he gets no 'good time.' So, he will actually do 40 years now. That's consecutive with a previous five-year sentence."

Sentell said the District Attorney's office believes, based on law enforcement, that Williams was a major dealer in the area.

"We're glad to get a significant sentence when we have a serious drug dealer like that," Sentell said.






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