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Oct 02nd

Home Sweet Shelter


United Christian Home locations need monetary help for repairs

A group of homes that serve as emergency shelters are experiencing emergencies of their own.

According to Bob Dickson, Rehab Chairman for United Christian Homes, a plea has been issued for any assistance that will make two of the three homes more structurally sound and avoid demolition in the near future.

"A. J. Rayner, local builder, recently inspected both these structures and advised that without immediate remedy to roofs, these two buildings will need to be demolished within three to four years," Dickson said. "Decking is rotten and leaks are increasingly destroying the structural part of the buildings."

United Christian Homes' immediate goal is to raise $15,000 in cash to re-roof the two buildings.

Any cash donations will be used to buy materials and pay for professional labor where needed.

Wherever possible, volunteer labor will be used. Dickson said one of the buildings needs complete interior rehabilitation before it is again suitable for occupancy.

"These houses are the only homeless shelters in Webster Parish to serve the temporary emergency needs of women, children and men," Dickson said.

United Christian Home

Mission Statement

The mission of United Christian Home is:

To provide temporary (up to 6 months) emergency shelter to applicants over 18 years of age deemed homeless as defined by the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act or as a result of some catastrophic fire or storm without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, financial status, veteran status or disability.

To assist with guidance to employment, direction to educational rehabilitation, encouragement in spiritual development and where applicable direction to other programs offering permanent or long range assistance ( i.e. physically and/or mentally challenged individuals).

To assist in the maintaining of required training, treatment, or work activities as outlined in clients individual service plan.

To offer hope to every client via shared experiences and example thus enhancing each clients self-esteem.

In addition to Dickson, United Christian Home board of directors members include The Rev. R. J. Whitaker, executive director and Graydon K. Kitchens, senior director.

The organization is a 501-C-3.

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