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Sep 30th

Beware of the Warning Lights

When the warning light goes on, we all react. Whether it is in a school zone, traffic light or a "change oil" indicator , we respond much the same way. We want that light "OFF RIGHT NOW!" I was reading about man's conscience and how it acts as a 'warning light'. It has been referred to as the light of a man's soul. Though sometimes it might be dimmed by our sin, it still bears witness to the reality of good and evil. When it burns brightly and steady, the conscience bears witness of God's holiness (presence) in one's life; when it flickers in the wind or cannot be seen at all – watch out! Danger is on its way!

Just like the warning light to indicate 'attention is needed for auto service', Believers' warning lights goes on when something wrongful has been done. It may be a harmful word, it may be a willful act of sin, or a feeling of 'something's is not just right.' When we seek to live closer to God, the light comes on and shines brighter. God has given this GPS to steer us away from evil and unhealthy areas, leading us toward good and right."Our conscience can be our gentlest teacher and friend; but sometimes it is our worst enemy (or so we think) when we sin." (Billy Graham).

"Man's conscience is the lamp of the eternal." (Proverbs 20:27 Moffatt). It is a lamp within the human breast. But sin, over a period of time, can dull or silence our conscience. "Let your conscience be your guide, it won't lie to you"....is not Biblical, although it makes a good line for a country music song. As we live closer to God, as we allow His Word to sharpen our conscience and make us more sensitive to moral and spiritual dangers - we know we can trust it to point us toward those things that are pure and holy.

So when the warning lights within becomes dim, maybe blinking and shouting 'danger', that is a cue for us to pause and take stock of what is happening. God is getting our attention and we need to 'clear our conscience' through repentance and forgiveness. Then that light will be soft, glowing, and steady, shining for the world to see that we are right with God and man. The light of our heart can bring assurance and peace in these tumultuous times.






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