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Oct 02nd

Future in the air

School system employees must wait to learn fate

Webster Parish School Board employees will have to wait a little longer before they know whom or what is in the superintendent's budget reduction plan.

Previously the schedule was to present the plan to meet the financial deficit of the school district to the board at the February 27 meeting but, according to WP Superintendent Steve Dozier, due to policy, an adjustment must be made in the schedule for the presentation.

"The court order/board policy requires that the board first looks at the revenue situation and then declares that a reduction would be necessary and notifies all concerned at the school site," Dozier said.

According to SECTION 3. of the Board's Preliminary Determination and Statement:

"If the Board decides that for necessary reasons, such as a state of financial exigency exists or is imminent, or a program change has occurred or should seriously be considered, and reduction of the employment of one or more employees may be a required consequence of such circumstances, it shall take action in an official Board meeting that identifies with reasonable particularity the reasons causing such concerns which may result in reduction of personnel. Simultaneously, Board action shall be published by any means reasonable, including publishing in the Board's official journal and posted in every school, calculated to bring it to the attention of school personnel that reduction of personnel might be necessary.

"At the February 27 meeting, I will present the deficit numbers based upon the adopted budget for SY (school year) 2011-2012 and also show the loss of student comparison from Feb. 1, 2011 to Feb. 1, 2012.

"This date is what the budget is built on," Dozier said. "Our number of students reduced and therefore our revenue for the upcoming school year will be reduced."

During the February 27 meeting, continued Dozier, "the board will be asked to look at the numbers and decide if a financial exigency exists that will result in the reduction of employees. If so, a notice will need to be posted at each school and in the Minden Press-Herald stating as much."

Dozier will present a plan for the board to consider at the following meeting.






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