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Oct 02nd

Making sure the beat goes on

You probably read the article in last week's N'West La GOOD NEWS Magazine with this title. It outlined some medical thoughts of how to keep the heart healthy. Also, Dr Rozeman had a very good article suggesting some practical steps to help us. If we followed them, I agree, we would all be more healthy and would lessen the risks of heart disease to a degree.

Each week we hear of family members or close friends have all kinds of heart procedures, bi-pass surgery or tests. Five and one-half years ago, I was brought face-to-face with the reality of my need for a pacemaker to be "installed'. I'm told it is working properly and the 'beat is going on'.

February is "Heart Health Month" The American Heart Association does a lot of good research and provides so much information for the public. Throughout the Bible we find special references about the heart as well. Check some of these and see how important the "heart" is to God and His purpose for our lives. (Proverbs: 10:8, 14:39; 14:33; 15:13; 15:28; 16:21; 17:22; 23:12 Psalms 13:5; 16:9; 24:4; 31:24; 38:10; 49:3; 62:8; 51:10; 119:11; 139:23 ). These are just a few on the selected passages from two books. There are hundreds more throughout the Old and New Testament. Point is: Man's heart is what God is searching for -- that seat of control where the will and conscience resides. He is looking for the control lever and desires absolute obedience from each of us.

While we are doing our best to protect and strengthen our hearts, we should also be doing our best to offer a purified and consecrated heart to God in praise and adoration for the gift of love He gave mankind -a gift from His own heart - Jesus. By submitting to God's heart-search, we can be assured the "beat will go on and on and on", even throughout eternity. Have you had your 'heart checkup this month"? Don't wait until it's too late. Happy Valentine Day!






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