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Oct 02nd

Redistricting delayed


City council votes to postpone vote

A discrepancy in the proposed racial make-up of Minden City District B caused enough concern with that district's representative that she asked to have a vote on reaportionment postponed.

"These numbers show that I have 78 people in my district who are not black or white," Fayrine Kennon-Gilbert said. "That means they are 'other' – Asian, Hispanic, Latino – something else. I don't have 78 'others' in my district."

Demographer Doug Mitchell presented his numbers to the Minden City Council in a public hearing Monday.

His numbers show the district represented by Kennon-Gilbert with a make-up of 1,880 persons ages 18 and up (voter age).

"The software we use only shows blacks and whites," Mitchell told Kennon-Gilbert. "It shows you have 1,360 blacks that are of voting age and 478 whites."

The actual difference in District B's voting age population only leaves 42 "others," however, Kennon-Gilbert felt the numbers were substantial enough to question the findings.

"I'll recalculate that for you," Mitchell said.

In the end, Minden Mayor Bill Robertson said he felt postponing the vote until the next council meeting would not be harmful in any way.

"This won't affect any other elections, except city council," Robertson said. "We're not on any real time schedule, and there won't be another city council election for three years."

The plan proposed by Mitchell is one of four. All districts show a variation similar to District B.

Once approved by the city council, a plan must receive a thumbs-up from the Department of Justice before it takes effect.

New Officer

The Minden City Council voted to hire a new police officer during Monday's meeting.

Christopher L. Henderson joined the force by a unanimous vote of the council.

Other business

Other items on Monday's agenda included the following:

Appointments and reappointment to the Minden Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board – Sgt. Keith King, Jr., Theron Winzer and confirm Guy Mandino.

Annexation on property located on Allen Drive and owned by David Peterson.

Adoption of an ordinance to declare property located at Morrow and Rebecca Streets (formerly George F. Smith, Jr. property) as surplus and dispose of it.

Adoption of a resolution for the Minden Muncipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board.

The monthly police report.






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