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Oct 02nd

Unlimited Government will Eventually Destroy Freedom

After reading the perverted perspective of Jim Hightower in the Press Herald , it became necessary to bring the right perspective from the right side to some of his left wing perversions of reality in today's America. In his January 25 diatribe on the "class divide", that is also being perpetuated by his liberal elite friends such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Michael Moore, George Soros and others, he pitifully fails to "grasp the situation" of America's working majority. He points to Rick Santorum, the person he is spewing about, as being further out than Pluto while this ultra-left-winger stays in a dream world on this and most other subjects.

This tiny brained liberal, his brain has atrophied as his only thought is more and bigger government, declares there is a class system alive and well in the United States of America. Well Mr. Hightower the class system only exists in the minds of the liberal elites of the political, academic, entertainment, Wall Street, some religious and nearly all the broadcast and newspaper journalism communities. You and your cronies, mostly Democrats and RINO Republicans, have a burning disdain against all Christians, most people from the south, all plumbers, carpenters, sale clerks, Wal-Mart shoppers, hunters, farmers, small business owners, energy workers, preachers, and the rest of American workers that make up what you call the "working middle class". In my view, if there is a class system in our country, I have just pointed those that produce many of the goods and services and most of the wealth of our economy; therefore they certainly must be the " Working Upper Class" of our society.

Mr. "Pea-Brain", we are in the fourth year of a jobless economy, extended and made worse by the one thought liberals in Washington. There is a conflict in our country, but it is not between the rich and poor as you describe, it is a conflict between the liberal merchants of misery and the freedom loving believers of individual liberty, personal responsibility, common sense rules, regulations and government policies that encourage and support both economic and personal growth. The working majority in our country have a deep understanding that unlimited government will eventually destroy freedom and that decisions regarding the allocation of resources are best left to the private sector and that your term "Americas Class Divide" is also keenly understood as income and wealth redistribution by government policy. It should be noted that if real class warfare occurs the first battle was the 2010 congressional elections. You have yet to truly understand the Tea Party.

Ronnie Broughton is a Minden resident and member of the Webster Parish School Board.






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