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Oct 02nd

Armed robbery

Suspect_1  Suspect_2

Two men rob convenience store at gunpoint

Minden Police are looking for two armed men who robbed a convenience store on the corner of Lewisville Road and Chandler Street Wednesday night.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said just after 11 p.m. Wednesday, the store clerk contacted police and told them two black males wearing ski masks entered the store and robbed it.

"One wore a red ski mask and had a pistol wrapped in a red bandana," Cropper said. "He pointed the gun at the clerk and told her to open the safe."

The second suspect, wearing a gray ski mask, did not appear to be armed.

"He came around the counter and opened the cash register," said the chief. "They took an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register and safe."

Cropper said Officers 1st Class Chris McClaran and Joel Kendrick responded within minutes of the clerk's call.

Detectives were contacted and video from the store was obtained.

Cropper said, according to the clerk's description, the man wearing the red mask was around six feet tall. The other was about five feet, 10 inches. Both had slender builds.

"The one with the red ski mask had a gray glove on his left hand," Cropper said. "He had no glove on his right hand, which was the hand he was holding the gun in."

The man in the gray mask was reportedly wearing a dark blue jacket and blue jeans with rolled cuffs.

Cropper said Wednesday's robbery bears a resemblance to an unsolved armed robbery that happened November 29 at a convenience store in the same chain, located on the corner of Hwy. 531 and Hwy. 80.

Two men matching a similar description were involved in both robberies. Each happened around the same time on a Wednesday night.

"The men in this video acted a lot like the ones in the video from the first robbery," Cropper said.

Anyone with information about either robbery is asked to call the Minden Police Department at 371-4226.






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