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Oct 02nd

Looking for Mustard Seed?

All gardeners are getting the 'itch' to get outside and dig. Even though it is cold and wet, there are things that can be done now in the garden or yard. Soon the farm stores will be displaying all sorts of plants and seed. That will only increase the gardening fever. This winter, through the generosity of a friend, we have been enjoying mustard and turnip greens. So, I have been challenged by Jesus' teaching concerning the mustard see! Really I have been reminded how small my measure of faith is sometimes.

Luke 17 records Jesus' teaching about faith and how small amount it takes to get large things accomplished. Of course, our faith is not in the seed but in the Master Gardener who can take our small measures of faith and commitment and ultimately cause giant trees or mountains to be cast into the sea (or moved out of our way). Have you seen any trees or mountains around Minden being moved lately?

Well, I know there are some folks who would say, "yes, there have been miracles of gigantic proportion happening in my family, let me tell you about them...." The healing power of our Lord has been felt and seen in lives recently; near accidents (which surely would have been fatal) somehow were avoided; death-bed conversion experiences; broken relationships restored; marriages repaired, etc St. Jude miracles will soon be floating all around us too. Yes, these are mustard seeds of faith that somehow the Lord honors and works in unexplainable ways. Truth is, we have all experienced them, one way or another, if we seek to live close to the Lord. That's what He does for His children, blesses them in many different ways. Sometimes we wonder "why is He doing this for me?" Well, He wants us to grow our mustard seed.

The Lord asks us to have faith: Faith in His Son, Jesus Christ: Faith in Christ's resurrection: Faith in everything He has set forth in His Word. Believe without doubting, asking without stopping, seeking until we find, and keep on praying believing. He surely will answer! That's how mountains are moved, trees come towering down and valleys are made smooth, victories are won. Remember the movie Facing the Giants? We must believe and trust in the power and desire to bless that only Jesus controls.

Tony Dungy(former NFL coach) tells about having to depend on unusual requests bathed in prayer, offered up in measures as small as a mustard seed and sometimes as large as a peach seed. He writes about being fired, losing playoff games they should have won, losing a teenage son to a sudden death, and other such things. "Where is your faith at these times", he was asked? "Right here in the package that says, "mustard seed"! When Tim Tebow is harassed about his faith, he simply smiles and gives a Christ-like reply. He is offering up his 'mustard-seek faith' knowing the Lord is going to bless it and multiply the results in unusual ways. And now the whole world knows about Tebow and his faith. A new word has been coined (Tebowing) that is used around the world now. And that seed of faith will continue to grow; remember he is only a rookie with many years yet to play and grow 'mustard trees for many birds to come and rest in'. (Matt 17; Mk 4; Lu 13).

So go ahead and get that garden ready. You may not want to grow mustard this spring (it's not too late though), but we can always work on improving our faith and trust in the Lord. Now is a good time to begin to plant new faith seed. Have a blessed week.






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