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Oct 01st

From La. to L.A.


Teen seeking musical fame in California

It all started at the age of six when Lacy Cavalier decided she wanted to get "slimed" on Nickelodeon television. Now at the ripe old age of 14, she has pulled out of Minden, Louisiana headed to the big city lights of Los Angeles, California.

Lacy and her mom Julie left Monday headed to their new "home" in L.A. in efforts to get Lacy closer to her work.

Lacy has a recording deal with Greenhouse Entertainment, a division of de Passe Jones Entertainment.

Julie said she is thankful Lacy is her third child with a few years between the others because her desire to be on television did not come under the natural duties a mom can easily accomplish.

"When Hunter wanted to play baseball, I could fix that. And when Carley wanted to play basketball, that was easy," she said.

But accomplishing Lacy's dream of being "slimed" on Nickelodeon was a different story.

Although she never got "slimed," an agent did pick her up and she worked on some commercials, a couple of movies and the children's show "Barney."

The real drive to perform came when Lacy realized she really liked to sing.

She recorded her first album, "Rockin Pneumonia," at the age of 12 and her second, "Put Your Records On," the next year. Both albums caught the interest of Meridith Valiando, co-president of Greenhouse Entertainment.

Valiando arranged for Lacy to record two songs with Chris Rojas, a multi-platinum producer and songwriter, who has worked with artists such as Pink, Rhianna, Jessica Simpson and Joss Stone.

For the past year and a half Lacy and mom have traveled back and forth to Los Angeles working with Valiando to prepare Lacy for this stage of what she hopes to be her life's work.

"I have gotten so much experience since I have been going out there," Lacy said.

Gaining experience included recording two songs this past summer, connecting with the appropriate people, writing music and meeting with the Ford Modeling Agency.

Her style, she said, is "country crossover – country with a beat" and although she prefers to sing, Lacy has co-written the last two songs that she recorded.

"I like singing better because I just started writing and I'm still learning how to do it," she said.

But she continued. Her recent life experiences, which include this major move, are giving her plenty of writing material, which is making the writing part of her job easier and more enjoyable.

Along with experience this past year and a half, Lacy has also gained the confidence and drive she needed to be able to leave her hometown.

According to Lacy, she used to cry every time a move to L.A. was mentioned but now with two years of experiencing high school life she is ready to go.

In considering her choices, Lacy said, "I can stay in Minden ... go to Minden High School ... cheer ... OR I can go to L.A. ... sing ... do what I want to do? I have this awesome opportunity ... umm it will be L.A."

Lacy and Julie have no fear of fame changing her or her values.

"Everybody keeps saying when you get out there you are going to change but I know where I stand with things," Lacy said. "I'm not going to change."

Mom agreed and believes even if Lacy wanted to change, it won't be possible.

"I think this family ... her brother and sister will knock her down real quick. We don't have our heads in the clouds," she said. "We just want to do this for Lacy.

"It's not like we are off chasing some dream," Julie continued, "so I definitely think we will always be who we are and we are not going to let her be anything else."

The thought of leaving behind her "amazing group of friends" makes Lacy pause with a hint of sadness, but she said knowing that her friends plan to visit her in L.A. and that "Minden will always be here," and knowing she can always come back has helped her transition.

With dad Kevin and big brother and sister staying in Minden, the daughter-and-mom-duo, plan to work in L.A. for six weeks and travel home to stay for two weeks at a time.

She plans to succeed in her career choice but in the event things don't work out, Lacy said returning home to her already great life is not so bad.

"If things don't work out I will come home," she said. "I will know I tried. I think I would feel worse if I stayed here and knew that I didn't try and knew that something might have happened than if I went and it didn't work."






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