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Sep 30th

Stop Cramming Ethanol Down Our Throats

Dear Editor:

In an article in The New York Times: "Chuck Mai, a vice president of AAA Oklahoma, reported that his organization has been getting calls from members blaming E10 for mileage drops of 8 to 20 percent."


Suppose that the drop in mileage is 10%, which is supported by anedotal reports form my customers. (actually more) The ethanol blend that most of us use is 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline. Why can't we just get the 9/10 gallon of REAL gasoline in our car and the 1/10 gallon of ethanol in a bottle.

The 9/10 gallon of REAL gasoline will go the same amount of miles that one gallon of ethanol blend will. The ethanol is made from corn is the same product that Jack Daniels is made of. Our engines, especially small engines that are being ruined by ethanol, would run better. We would hten be able to drink the 200 proof rival to Jack Daniels and pay $3 per gallon for it.

Why then do we burn corn in our cars and drive up the price of feeding everything that eats corn? That includes chickens, beef, pork and humans. There are only two reasons that we are doing something that stupid, other than our government loves to do stupid things. Iowa votes first and Archer Daniels Midland, called the EXXON of corn in the Wall Street Journal, is a monstrous contributor to your politicians. Your politicians use the money from ADM to buy votes in Iowa.

There can be no other reasons, since ethanol is a poor choice compared to it's cousin methanol. According to Wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methanol_fuel, "methanol is less expensive to produce sustainably and is a less expensive way to reduce the carbon footprint.", and "Methanol may be made from fossil or renewable resources, in particular natural gas and biomass respectively. We have a glut of natural gas. We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, coal, and biomass (pine chips, kudzu, and giant salvinia), yet we burn corn (food) in our vehicles.

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein says it's Congress that's helped push up food prices. "Diverting 39 percent of our crop towards ethanol is artificially driving up corn prices," she says, "which in turn is straining people and industries that depend on affordable corn."

The politicians that are cramming ethanol down your throats are the kings of stupid. Throw the bums out.

John T. Moore






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