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Oct 02nd

Hannah’s promise

Hannah was a woman in need. She and her husband were unable to have children for a long time, and this made Hannah very sad. Each year the family traveled to worship in Shiloh, and every year she faced the pilgrimage with dread and great sorrow. She wept and prayed for a child, and as she prayed her lips moved without sound. Eli, the priest in Shiloh thought she was drunk, but she explained she was extremely sad. Eli blessed her and told her she would have a son, in God's time. Hannah wasn't sad anymore because she knew God would give her heart's desire in His perfect time. Hannah's story can be found in 1 Samuel 1-2, 18-26.

Many people are not full of joy and good cheer during the holiday season, for a number of reasons. Just like Hannah, the annual "happy time" just isn't happy at all. Maybe you've lost a loved one, or your missing a friend far away, maybe you lack the family that Hannah so desperately wanted, maybe the stress of financial burdens are heightened during this time. Whatever the reason for your discomfort this holiday season, be encouraged. Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly, and God the Father has promised glory and healing for all His children, in His perfect time.

Waiting on God can be difficult, but as we see in Hannah's case it was a joyful period because she knew God would deliver. God has treasures for you too, this Christmas. Take a moment to be joyful for the promises God has made and kept in your life. "For I have come to bind up the brokenhearted..."

In my own life, I count down the days till Christmas with some angst. Our oldest son passed away suddenly 7 years ago, and Christmas hasn't been entirely happy for our family. However, it has taken time, but we have seen the promise of our Lord become truth in our home and our hearts. Our broken hearts have been mended. We still miss our son and brother, but God has healed th'sat broken place and there is no need for weeping any longer. Just like Hannah, God delivered us and answered our prayers for healing.

During this Christmas season, remember the promise of healing. It may not happen today but it will happen, in God's perfect time. Be encouraged, we are assured that all things will be made new and we are promised new mercies each morning. The Lord of Lords wants to hold your hand through this difficult time, won't you let Him. Reach out to Him in prayer every day and He will heal your brokenness too.






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