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Oct 02nd

Teeing the Real McCoy

LEE_ARTHUR847Batting practice may be changed forever. At least that's what Scotty McCoy, longtime umpire and little league baseball coach, said he and his business partner Jay Anderson have been told.

What started as a way to make ball practice easier for his nephew's little league team is quickly becoming a major product that has caught the eye of a former major league ball player.

What makes The Real McCoy batting tee so different? "You don't pick the ball up any more," McCoy said.

"The ball hangs down on a 6000-pound-breaking strength strap and when you hit the ball it hits the stopper and it comes right back to you."

McCoy said the idea for The Real McCoy came to him a few years ago after a normal day of ball practice.

"While drilling another ball out to put on a string for practice the next day - I thought why can't I make something where a kid can hit and stand there," McCoy said.

After some thought he took his idea to his brother-in-law Ronnie Woods, who built two wrap-around style batting tees for the next day's practice.

The tees were a hit, with ball players lined up to get a chance to practice their batting skills.

"First because it was something different," McCoy said. "But second because they knew they could hit that ball as hard as they wanted and it would come right back and then they could hit it again."

It would be three years before the "perfect" product would be for sale. McCoy said he actually put those tees away and it wasn't until he was in bed sick for a year that he began to rework the product in his head.

While in the tinkering stage of the latest product McCoy and Anderson, childhood friends and fellow umpires, decided to become partners.

When the partners got the tee tweaked just right they took it to Paul Armstrong and Ken Larry of Hercules Ag and Outdoor.

According to McCoy with a couple of changes suggested by Armstrong and Larry and their financial backing The Real McCoy was perfected and it took less than a week to sell the first 37 tees.

The Real McCoy is all about versatility, ease and saving time. The frame is hand welded with a tee that adjusts to any height and is easily reversed for left or right-handed batters. It is portable and can be used for softball or baseball or both at the same time if the double mount is chosen.

"When I realized I was going to make these I wanted something different that's never been out before. I wanted it where you hit something it stops, drops down and you hit it again.

"With this one you can get 20 swings in it in half the time you could get 40 if you had to pick the ball up," McCoy said.

After four months of selling the tee McCoy said they have heard nothing but positive feedback. "The coaches are saying they can put one kid on our tee and they don't have to tie up two. They are able to run the kids through the batting station and then bring them to the plate.

"So it really saves them time. You get two or three times as many swings as you would get because most kids don't want to pick a ball up out of a bucket after they hit. To them that's boring."

The fully adjustable tee is designed with a pin that can be quickly changed from a baseball tee to a softball tee.

"So a family with a daughter and a son can theoretically buy one single and a baseball and a softball and both kids are covered.

"This is a batting station that will last you forever," McCoy continued. "You may replace the ball and strap eventually but it works for a kid from five years to 45 and it goes from T-ball to professional."

Former Chicago Cubs Pitcher Lee Arthur Smith attended a recent grand opening for The Real McCoy held at Hercules in Minden.

"He hit on it and he has no doubt that it would hold up at major league because of the 6000 pound strap," McCoy said.

According to McCoy, Smith has invited he and Anderson to Phoenix to introduce The Real McCoy to the Giants minor league system.

For more information about a tee, contact McCoy at 268-5763 or Anderson at 464-2259 or e-mail them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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