Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Fruitless Footchase


Minden Police looking for man melting copper at Sibley Road abandoned house

When a Minden Police officer (MPD) stopped Thursday afternoon to check out smoke in the area of an abandoned house, he didn't know he would be led on a foot chase.

Officer 1st Class Chris Hammontree said when he exited his vehicle to approach the house located at 519 Sibley Road he called out, "hello, is anybody home?" and then he proceeded to walk up the back stairs to knock on the door.

When he made that move, an unidentified man came out from underneath the house and a foot chase began.

Hammontree pursued the individual, described as wearing a black hoodie and blue coveralls, across Sibley Road into a nearby neighborhood.

Backup was called and for about an hour officers from MPD and the Webster Parish Sheriff's office combed the area.

The Minden Fire Department was called to the house to extinguish a small fire coming from burning wire and copper casing that originally drew Hammontree to the site.

During the hunt, Hammontree recalled that a white pitt bull mix with a blue collar had stayed with the unidentified man wherever he went.

When the dog was discovered in a neighborhood yard, a thorough search of that area was made.

The unidentified man has not been located, but animal control was called to take in the dog that may have been the subject's companion.






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