Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Ethics query cleared

Attorney says no conflict between coach, school board

A code of ethics question from Monday night's Webster Parish School Board meeting has been answered.

During the last meeting of the year, a question arose while members were discussing the refinishing of a gym floor at Minden High School.

School board member Ronnie Broughton expressed concern and wanted to see an ethics board ruling before he could comfortably vote to pay for work completed by Dan Grantham, a Lakeside High School teacher/ coach.

In efforts to get an answer, Superintendent Steve Dozier spoke with Jon Guice, school board attorney, who in turn spoke with an ethics board attorney.

In an email to Dozier and forwarded to the Press-Herald, Guice said, "This email shall confirm that I consulted with the Louisiana Ethics Board this morning after you and I talked and was advised that the coach/employee CAN be paid for refinishing the floor."

"Per the Ethics Board attorney, the recent opinions of the board have limited the prohibition to the employee's job site," Guice said. "In other words, for a school level employee, the Ethics Board is taking the position that the employee is precluded from doing work only at his/her assigned school."

To ensure things are good for all and to gain a broader list for future use, Dozier plans to have the maintenance director solicit bids from various groups that refinish floors or similar work.

"I am also going to be requesting the school administrators give us a list of the things they need done (floors, fields, etc.) at the end of the school year and beginning of the new year so we can get these to the board for approval with months to spare," Dozier said.






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