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Sep 19th

Lydia's riverbank prayer service

Have you ever been to a satellite church? Perhaps you've attended a makeshift church in jail, the hospital, or on the battlefields of the Mid East. Either way, a satellite church is a small break off from the main church, which can be held virtually anywhere. Lydia had a satellite church just outside the city limits next to a river, and her congregation was primarily female. Lydia's story can be found in the book of Acts Ch. 16:16-40

One day the Apostle Paul was led to Philippi by the Holy Spirit, and he was pleased to meet Lydia and the other women praying at the river. Once his identity was known among the group, Lydia began to tend to Paul and his travel mates. As Paul's message of Christ filled the air, Lydia was baptized and she was so convicted by Jesus that her entire household came out to be likewise enlightened and baptized.

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