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Sep 30th

The story of Deborah

Deborah was the forth judge during the era of judges in Israel. The judges presided over the Israelites as kings and prophets, ruling on their problems and discerning the will of God for the people. Deborah was the only judge that was a woman. She was called a prophetess.

During the rule of Deborah, the people had taken on the attributes and worship habits of the Canaanite people and their pagan gods. There were only a few still devoted to God the father, and she was one of them. She led her people alongside her best general Barak, to a defeat of biblical proportion, when they battled Jabin's army, the Canaanite king, with his 900 iron chariots.

Deborah and Barak waited for God to bring the kings army to them, and their 10,000 soldiers rushed and defeated the army in one battle. On the way home, even though they were injured and bruised from the fight, they sang songs of praise to God Almighty.

Even though they were victorious in the battle, it left its mark on the soldiers. They were injured and bruised, yet they sang their praise to God anyway. Have you ever emerged from a fight victorious but banged up. Maybe you saved the house during the economic downturn, but you have a bankruptcy to deal with. Maybe you finally got your kids back but everyone is having a hard time adjusting. There are thousands of stories that tell of the sweet smell of victory tinged with the blood, sweat, and tears of the battle. If this is you today be encouraged, The Lord Jesus understands your pain. He's been there. The Lord understands being weary from the battle, he's been there. He is with you where you are today-no matter what. You only have to speak His name and pray for His assistance and He will comfort you where you are.

Deborah was a smart woman and she knew that even though the battle is over there may be wounds to heal and souls to replenish. Lift up your voice and praise the name of Jesus, even when it hurts. Praise him in the battle and after you have received the victory He will be there to heal your wounds and mend your broken pieces. Praise God in all you do, for this is the day Lord has made!






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